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Motorsport Staff is a platform on a mission to revolutionise the motor racing industry by seamlessly connecting professionals and businesses. With a commitment to empowering jobseekers and fostering a diverse and vibrant community, we unite skilled individuals who share a passion for all things racing.

Founded by Evans GP and DW Evans GT Team Owner Josh Evans, and eighteen-year-old engineering student Nida Anis, Motorsport Staff will drive innovation within the racing world by becoming the go-to destination for anyone seeking opportunities or talent.


About us

Our founders, Josh Evans and Nida Anis, have combined their industry knowledge and fearless ambition to make Motorsport Staff a dynamic and forward-thinking platform.


Josh Evans

A distinguished figure within the motorsport industry, Josh Evans brings a wealth of expertise to Motorsport Staff as the Team Owner of Evans GP and DW Evans GT. The Australian has previously worked for highly successful teams, including Sonic Motor Racing Services, BlackArts Racing, and MP Motorsport. Motivated by his own career journey, he is dedicated to helping talented individuals achieve their dream roles within motor racing.


Drawing on decades of experience in motor racing, Josh co-founded Motorsport Staff to accelerate talent within the industry | Credit: DW Evans GT


Nida Anis

Having encountered many of the changes faced by aspiring professionals seeking careers in motorsport, eighteen-year-old engineering student Nida Anis was driven to create Motorsport Staff. Her commitment to connecting students and jobseekers with opportunities within motor racing has been instrumental in shaping the platform. Her youthful enthusiasm and dedication, as well as her advocacy for women in STEM, brings a fresh perspective to the industry.


Having encountered many challenges in her own career journey, Nida co-founded Motorsport Staff to empower young professionals in motorsport | Credit: FIA Girls on Track UK / Motorsport UK


Our mission

Our mission is to create a dynamic ecosystem where jobseekers can effortlessly build profiles, showcase their expertise, and express their interest in diverse roles within the motorsport industry. We aspire to enable businesses to find the perfect candidates – from mechanics and engineers to marketing and PR personnel – by offering intuitive tools for candidate shortlisting, talent pooling, and collaborative hiring.

Motorsport Staff is more than just a website: it’s a community-driven endeavour to transform how the motor racing industry operates. Through meticulous planning, research, design, development, testing, and marketing, we are determined to be the industry leader in connecting talented professionals with their dream roles. Together, we are redefining careers and empowering businesses to excel in the ever-evolving world of motorsport.

Header photo credit: DW Evans GT

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